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Against Empathy

2 hrs
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Gabriel gives a pithy defense of Compassion in this Hot Topic on Empathy.

He shares a cultural context for the subject and brings clarity to its Philosophical Evolution.


Hot Topics

Part One

Gabriel opens this course by giving the cultural context for the subject of Empathy and brings clarity to its Philosophical Evolution.

Part Two

In this lesson Gabriel defines terms, citing popular current definitions from various authors which lead to certain social effects.

Part Three

Gabriel teaches through Biblical words and ideas surrounding Empathy.

Part Four

Gabriel introduces Biblical Examples.

Part Five

Gabriel continues giving Biblical Examples within the history of the Old Testament.

Part Six

Gabriel teaches on God's Nature - how He is both JUST and MERCIFUL.

Part Seven

Gabriel works through the New Testament, highlighting Jesus & His compassion.

Part Eight

Gabriel continues working through the New Testament, teaching about people that Jesus did not have compassion on.

Part Nine

Gabriel wraps up this course on 5 ways How Empathy is Sinful, concluding that Empathy is only Good when it relates God.


Gabriel Finochio