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Battle for the Bible

4.5 hrs
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In this course, we begin by surveying the Bible’s own claims to truth. We then give a brief overview of the evidence of church history, concluding with the rise of liberal theology. Next we set out the case for what we believe are the true foundations of Biblical authority. Following that comes an explanation of how the Bible came together in its present form. We then identify the mistaken presuppositions of liberal/progressive/woke theology and show why they are wrong. The course concludes with four affirmations we must make about the Bible, and a description of the battle we are in today.


Where to Start

Part One

What does the Bible teach about its own inspiration and authority? This lesson answers that question & more from The testimony of the church

Part Two

The rise of liberal theology, The foundation of Biblical authority, The Bible as covenant, & The Bible’s last words of warning.

Part Three

How we got our Bible, The development of the OT & NT canon, The mistaken presuppositions of liberal theology, and more.

Part Four

Affirmations of orthodox faith concerning the Bible & The battle for Biblical truth today.


Dr. David Campbell