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Catechism II: Becoming

8.5 hrs
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Catechism I: Believing was the first of a series of three courses that introduce us to historic Christianity.

In Catechism II we go deeper into what the Church has always taught about Christianity, and it is subtitled “Becoming” because we will explore what it means to live as a Christian, to put our hope in transformation, and to become the image of Christ.


Themes & Practices
Where to Start
Theology Concepts

Part One

Lesson 1: The Call to Holiness What is Holiness?

Part Two

What is grace? Who is the source of Grace?

Part Three

What is a sacrament? The Sacrament of Baptism

Part four

Sacraments continued Holy Communion

Part Five

Sacraments continued Confirmation Ordination

Part Six

-Marriage -Absolution -Anointing of the sick

Part Seven

Introduction to the Ten Commandments (decalogue) Love and obedience of the Ten Commandments

Part Eight

First Commandment Faith, hope, love and worship of God Second Commandment Why is God’s name sacred?

Part Nine

Third Commandment What does is mean to keep the Sabbath holy? Why Sunday?

Part Ten

Fourth Commandment The order of charity The function of the Christian family Roles of the husband and wife Parental duties

Part Eleven

Fourth Commandment continued The family and the citizen Civil disobedience The family and the church Fifth Commandment

Part Twelve

Fifth Commandment Sins of murderous intent Self-defense Importance of health Being peacemakers

Part Thirteen

Sixth Commandment Sex/Gender Sexuality and chastity

Part Fourteen

Sixth Commandment Continued: Offenses against chastity

Part Fifteen

Sins against marriage; adultery and divorce Seventh Commandment “Public property” and the right to private property

Part Sixteen

Seventh Commandment Proprietary justice: commutative, legal and distributive justice Personal property: contentment, responsibility, etc

Part Seventeen

Seventh Commandment The vice of greed The virtue of love 7 corporal works of mercy (Mark 25:21-46) God’s property (tithe)

Part Eighteen

Eighth Commandment Lying & Heresy

Part Nineteen

Ninth Commandment Three kinds of lust (1 John 2:16-17) Concupiscience: strategies for victory

Part Twenty

Tenth Commandment Envy Poverty of heart


Gabriel Finochio