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How Should Christians Think About Politics?

How should we as Christians think about politics, if we should deign to think about politics at all.


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1. Christianity & Politics I

The Bible does not offer a political platform, but neither is it wholly indifferent to politics, as some others wrongly suggest.

2. Christianity & Politics I

Humility and Original Sin

3. Christianity & Politics I

Human Dignity and Human Reason

4. Christianity & Politics I

Reason and Experience

5. Christianity & Politics I

Twin Pitfalls Aristotle - The Politics, “man is by nature a political animal.” By that he means that we are created to live in society.

6. Christianity & Politics I

Ancient peoples were stronger and more resilient than we modern peoples because of their unified educations. - Baron de Montesquieu

7. Christianity & Politics I

America teaches us a worldview and an anthropology which is not conducive to true Christianity and is dangerous to our politics.

Christianity & Politics II

Gabriel sits down with Rob McCoy, Pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel and former Mayor of Thousand Oaks (California) as they discuss Pastor Rob’s leadership during the COVID restrictions protest in California and the role of Christians and Politics and more!


Dr. Jacob Wolf