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This class teaches Covenant Theology by providing the student with a systematic study of all the major covenants between God and Man found in the Bible.

Why study the Covenants? Because they give us the proper theological outline for understanding the progressive revelation of God throughout human history and culminate in the final revelation of Jesus Christ — the Second Person of the Triune God.


Old Testament
Theology Concepts

Part One

In this introduction to Covenants we answer the questions "Why Study The Covenants?", "What is a Covenant?" and more.

Part Two

In this lesson we dive deeper into the concept. We learn about God's role in covenants and why God makes them, and more

Part Three

Sincere touches on Creation, The Four-Fold Purposes for man, The word, blood and seal of the Edenic covenant and more.

Part Four

Lesson 4 covers the entirety of the Adamic Covenant, including the word, blood and seals.

Part Five

An in-depth look at the word of the Noahic Covenant including the promises and terms, as well as the seal and blood of this covenant.

Part Six

A deep dive of the Abrahamic Covenant. In this lesson you will learn about the word of this covenant, including 9 different promises

Part Seven

In this lesson we cover the rest of the Abrahamic Covenant. Sincere teaches the terms of this agreement: faith, obedience and patience.

Part Eight

Lesson 8 begins to unpack the Mosaic Covenant, while Sincere also breaks down the words of this covenant: the Ten Commandments.

Part Nine

Mosaic Covenant - After taking this lesson you will understand the role of sacrifice, which includes the Levitical offerings and more.

Part Ten

Lesson 10 is about the Palestinian Covenant, its relationship to the Mosaic Covenant and also covers the word, blood and seal.

Part Eleven

Here we take a look at the Davidic Covenant. We learn about the word of this covenant, including its promises, the blood and seal, & more.

Part Twelve

We take a look at the words of the New Covenant including the promises and oath, and tackle some contemporary issues.

Part Thirteen

A look at the blood of the New Covenant which deals with the sacrifice of Jesus' body and blood and our practice of communion.

Part Fourteen

Sincere teaches on the Everlasting Covenant. He introduces the concept and extensively covers the promises of blessing and cursing.


Sincere Cardona