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This course is a survey of the covenants God made with Himself and with humanity. A proper understanding of covenants is essential to hermeneutics, which will affect one's eschatology, soteriology, and ecclesiology. To fully grasp the depth and magnitude of the metanarrative of scripture, one must come to a place of comprehending the complex unity of the Covenantal backdrop that begins in Genesis and weaves itself throughout the Bible.


Old Testament
Theology Concepts

1. Covenant Basics

Lesson One – Covenant Basics
The two types of covenants of the Ancient Near East
What Covenants reveal to us about God
The Three Components of a Covenant

2. Covenantal Biblical Hermeneutics

Lesson Two – Covenantal Biblical Hermeneutics
Three Horizons of Biblical Interpretation
The Promise/Fulfillment Motif of Scripture
The Nature and Importance of Typology

3. The Edenic Covenant

Lesson Three – The Edenic Covenant
Significance in the Words of the Covenant
Image and Likeness from the ANE backdrop
Three Components of the Covenant Explained

4. The Adamic Covenant

Lesson Four – The Adamic Covenant

Key Hebrew Words
The Protoevangelium
Three Components of the Covenant Explained

5. The Noahaic Covenant

Lesson Five – The Noahaic Covenant

Karat Berit vs Heqim Berit – why the difference
The World that was and The World That Now is
Three Components of the Covenant Explained

6. The Abrahamic Covenant

Lesson Six – The Abrahamic Covenant

  • Three Federal Heads 
  • Hendiadys – Justice and Righteousness
  • Covenant Theology’s impact on Dispensationalist views

7. The Abrahamic Covenant Part 2

Lesson Seven – The Abrahamic Covenant Part 2

  • What is the significance of a Self-Maledictory Oath
  • The Rite of Circumcision 
  • Finish Explaining the Three Components of the Covenant

8. The Mosaic Covenant

Lesson Eight – The Mosaic Covenant

The Effects of Misunderstanding the Mosaic Covenant
Twelve Purposes of the Law
The Mosaic Covenants' relationship to the Abrahamic Covenant

9. The Mosaic Covenant Part 2

Lesson Nine – The Mosaic Covenant Part 2

  • The Ten Words
  • The Shema
  • Three Components of the Covenant

10. The Davidic Covenant

Lesson Ten – The Davidic Covenant

  • The Sure Mercies of David
  • David – The King-Priest
  • Three Components of the Covenant Explained

11. The New Covenant

Lesson Eleven – The New Covenant

  • God’s Redemptive Kingdom
  • The Covenant Prophesied
  • The Covenant Personified
  • Components Explained

12. The New Covenant Part 2

Lesson Twelve – The New Covenant Part 2

  • How the former Covenants are fulfilled in the New
  • Finalizing the Components


Stephen Wesley

Stephen has been involved in ministry for 30 plus years and is a joy-filled anointed communicator of the word of God. Stephen was born on an army base in Northern Ontario, raised in Germany, educated in America where he earned his Bachelor of Theology and was initiated into full-time ministry in Uganda, East Africa. Having served the Body of Christ in numerous capacities, Stephen understands the deep significance of every believer being transformed through the vital presence of God.