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Critical Theory II

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Fate or Freedom: Finding truth in a confused world (Critical Theory II)

David Campbell's focus in this course is to address the current crisis in western civilization caused by the rise of critical theory and its rather uncritical acceptance in politics, the media and even certain church circles.

In order to provide the understanding Christians need not only to counter these trends we need to go back to the very roots of our civilization. We will discover the existence of an age-old battle between two very different understandings of reality. We will try to show how one of those viewpoints leads us to fear, meaninglessness and a collapse into irrationality, whereas the other leads us to freedom through knowledge of the truth.

If there was ever a time to fight for the un-compromised truth of God’s Word, it is now.


Hot Topics

Part One

Fate or freedom: finding truth in a confused world Part One: The two roots of western civilization and thought

Part Two

Part two: Greek philosophy and its struggle to escape its mythological roots, Part three: The battle between Greek philosophy and the church

Part Three

The battle between philosophy & biblical theology continues, The rise of reason, The rise of evolution

Part Four

Part five: The end of reason: feelings are the way to truth, The rise of critical theory, Postmodernism invades academia

Part Five

The meta-narrative of Critical Theory & The expansion of Critical Theory Part six: Fate or freedom: Two choices for today’s world

Part Six

Part six continued: Fate or freedom: Two choices for today’s world Two ways of understanding time, and The day that changed history


Dr. David Campbell