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Cultivating Your Calling

4 hrs
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What is a calling?

How does the Lord communicate His calling?

Do I have one? Is everyone called?

If I have one how would I know?

If so how do I cultivate that calling?

These are common questions for all Christians to consider and wrestle with as they seek to discover their unique role, purpose function and gifts with which to serve Christ and His body the church.


Where to Start
Themes & Practices

Part One

This first session begins by identifying some simple yet foundational concepts about our calling.

Part Two

John delivers this lesson on Callings to Ministry, and illustrates the six confirmations of a calling through a Convergence Diagram.

Part Three

This lesson is about Identifying the Seeds of Your Calling. John teaches that God makes “all things work together for our good.”

Part Four

John teaches about the requirement of investing into your calling, as well as some of the tests every calling will go through.

Part Five

Every Calling Will Be Tested - John continues teaching the various tests that individuals will go through as they develop their calling.

Part Six

This lesson is all about the relationship between Paul & Timothy, with lessons about God’s calling on the life of every believer.


John Finochio