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Defense Against the Dark Arts

4 hrs
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A capstone TheosU course defending the historic orthodox faith and providing thoughtful answers to some of the biggest deconstruction faith questions.


Where to Start
Theology Concepts

1. Is the Bible Reliable?

In this video, Nathan answers questions about the Bible, ranging from who wrote it to how it was written.

2. Confessional Christianity

Nathan defines Confessional Christianity, compares the center of Christianity to the boundary, & discusses God's self definition.

3. Genesis Questions

In this lesson Nathan teaches on defining "myth" comparing the writing of Genesis to other Culturally Formative Stories, and more.

4. Is God Love

In this lesson Nathan teaches on what the Bible says about God's love, outlines the tensions in truth and doctrine.

5. Sex

In this lesson Nathan teaches on the world's view of sex, and helps to shape a Sexual Theology with a base of strong godly confessions.

6. Is Hell Real? Part One

In this lesson Nathan teaches on biblical judgement, God's standard of Holiness, and our ultimate happiness.

7. Is Hell Real? Part Two

In this lesson Nathan defines Eternal Conscious Punishment, and gives clarity to misused translations of words in the scriptures about hell.

8. Epistemology

In this lesson Nathan teaches on Authority, finding Truth, the Crises of Democracy and Sources of Micro-Authority In Biblical Interpretation

9. Defense Against the Dark Arts: Works cited

Defense Against the Dark Arts 101 Works Cited


Nathan Finochio