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People often give up on Revelation because they can’t figure out the alternative ways of understanding it. In this hot topic David describes the four ways of interpreting Revelation and how they offer very different viewpoints.  He particularly focuses on the problems the predominant dispensationalist view has caused.  In doing so he shows why it is critical to understand Revelation correctly because our eschatology profoundly affects how as Christians we view the world around us.

The four ways of interpreting Revelation

The preterist view, The historicist view, The futurist view, & The idealist view

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Part One

David covers the first three views of interpreting Revelation

Part Two

The futurist view - This view takes the whole book (apart from the letters of chapters 2-3) to refer to events at the very end of history.

Part Three

The dispensational interpretation, & A form of modified futurism (also called historic pre-millenialism)

Part Four

The idealist view interprets Revelation symbolically, & in the light of the OT references and allusions which form so much of its substance.

Part Five

Why did God choose to speak through symbols? We must utilize the Old Testament realities behind the visionary symbols.


Dr. David Campbell