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Feminism. Has it been the same throughout the years? Did it always look the way it does today? Dr. Christiana Crenshaw looks at the four waves of feminism to kick off a new series of teachings TheosU will be offering on the subject.


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1. What is Christian about Feminism?

What’s Christian about Feminism?

The Biblical narrative is often considered in opposition with feminist ideologies. And for good reason. Much of what feminism teaches is rooted in secular, humanist efforts and postmodern critical theories. But does Scripture provide us with enough of a framework for a biblically rooted perspective on equipping and empowering women? In this session we consider America’s four waves of feminist thought, how Scripture speaks of elevating women, and where the two perspectives provide intersecting, common ground.

This session highlights how both the Old and the New Testaments speak to honoring, elevating, and equipping women in complimentary and significant ways as He does men.


Dr. Christina Crenshaw