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Greek Hermeneutics

4 hrs
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This class will show you how Greek and proper interpretive protocol makes a big and positive difference when reading the New Testament. This course combines the use of Hermeneutics and the Greek which you can learn in Greek 1 and 2 at TheosSeminary.

After this class you should:

  • Know which Greek resources to use and how to use them
  • Be able to prepare a proper Greek word study
  • Be familiar with exegetical fallacies
  • Have an idea about how Koine Greek helps us make exegetical decisions
  • See how knowing Greek affects a reading of a passage

As you'll see in this course, Chris is a sought-after Greek scholar for his ability to make God’s Word come alive from the Greek in a unique way.

You can learn more and see his books by clicking here.


Theology Concepts

Part One

This lesson covers Approaching the Text, Methodology, Historical Grammatical Method, Narrative Method & more.

Part Two

This lesson covers The Old Testament In The New, Taking Advantage of Word Order, and Paying Attention to the Grammar and Syntax

Part Three

This lesson covers Ground Rules to Exegesis, Greek Word Fallacies, Illegitimate Totality Transfer, and more.

Part Four

Knowing Historical Use of Greek, Narrative Method, Inclusio, Chiastic Structure, and the use of Irony.

Part Five

Numerical Sequences, Breaks in Patterns, Verbal Threads, Intercalation, Certain Things In Greek That Do Not Translate In English and more.

Part Six

Singular and Plural, Demonstrative Pronoun Significance, Two Step Progressions, Two Step Progressions, Word Play and more.

Part Seven

The 7 Churches of Revelation, Three Themes, The Church In Ephesus, Faithfulness to the Lamb, Critical Thinking and more.

Part Eight

What is an allusion, Babylōn, which is a Greek translation for the Hebrew word bāḇel (babilu) (Genesis 11:1–9) OT Context and more.


Chris Palmer