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In this Hot Topic course Elijah defines what heresy actually is, describes some major examples of heresy that the historical and modern church has dealt with, and shows how to avoid becoming a heretic without being a heresy hunter.


Hot Topics

1. Heresies - What Is Heresy?

What is Heresy? An introduction to this course by Elijah Lamb on Heresies.

2. Heresies - Trinitarian Heresies

Heresies Lesson 2: Trinitarian Heresies

3. Heresies - Christological Heresies

Heresies Lesson 3: Christological Heresies

4. Heresies - Marcionism

Heresies Lesson 4: Marcionism

5. Heresies - Pelagianism

Heresies Lesson 5: Pelagianism

6. Heresies - Progressive Christianity

Heresies Lesson 6: Progressive Christianity

7. Heresies - The Prosperity Gospel

Heresies Lesson 7: The Prosperity Gospel

8. Heresies - How To Not Be A Heretic

Heresies Lesson 8: How To Not Be A Heretic

9. Heresies - Heresy Hunters

Heresies Lesson 9: Heresy Hunters


Elijah Lamb