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The Epistle of James (Jacob, half-brother of Jesus) is a pastoral letter written for Jewish believers before Paul went as a missionary to the Gentile world, therefore making James without a doubt the earliest NT document.

The entire book of James (Jacob) is about you and me having wholeness and integrity. It asks is your life one harmonious whole, what he terms as maturity or true perfection. Is your faith, your speech, your actions, your attitudes all aligned with the reality of Christ being Lord of your life? It will remind you that God is in the business of building up strong Christian men and women who can persevere in hard times without fainting–Like Jesus.

James shows its relevance as he touches on how to win the war on racism, prejudice, and ignorance, which is so poignant in the time in which we live. He will put your Christian life under the microscope of the teachings of Jesus and analyze to see whether you pass the test. What will happen to you when you take the test, take the course, and see.


New Testament

1. James Chapter One

James Chapter 1 – The Purpose of Tests and Trials The Test of Hearing and Doing

2. James Chapter Two

Chapter 2 The Test of Loving Your Neighbor, Test of True Faith, Faith with Works = The fulness of the Christian life left to the rest of us

3. James Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Test of the Tongue Test of Wisdom

4. James Chapter Four

Chapter 4 Test of the Heart's Passion Test of Submission

5. James Chapter Five

Chapter 5 Test of Worldly Riches Test of Endurance Test of Truth Test of prayer Epilogue - Shepherd's Heart


Stephen Wesley

Stephen has been involved in ministry for 30 plus years and is a joy-filled anointed communicator of the word of God. Stephen was born on an army base in Northern Ontario, raised in Germany, educated in America where he earned his Bachelor of Theology and was initiated into full-time ministry in Uganda, East Africa. Having served the Body of Christ in numerous capacities, Stephen understands the deep significance of every believer being transformed through the vital presence of God.