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Ken Malmin, Dean of Portland Bible College, takes us through the Book of Joshua. Joshua teaches us about leadership transitions, strategies, and crises.

God’s instrument may change but His purpose never changes, and Ken shares that in principle Joshua’s purpose was the same as ours.

You will be absolutely equipped with practical wisdom throughout this course, with massive takeaways in each lesson.

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Old Testament

Part One

Ken introduces us to one of the Heroes of the Faith in this first lesson. He shares An Approach to OT History, Three Views of History & more

Part Two

Lesson 2 is all about THE MAKING OF A CONQUEROR.

Part Three

Ken works through Principles in the Call to Conquer. He shares Four Reasons To Be Strong & Courageous, the Gospel Story & more

Part Four

Ken continues through the Conquest of Entering the Land, highlighting the Crossing of the Jordan River, Building Our Memorials, and more.

Part Five

In this lesson we work through Conquering the Land, with special attention to the details of the Fall of Jericho.

Part Six

Lesson 6 is all about Conquering the Land; The Sin of Achan, The Process of Sin, The Conquest of Ai, and more life changing principles.

Part Seven

Lesson 7 is packed with lots more wisdom to apply to our lives. Ken teaches us about The Gibeonite’s Deceit, Enemies to Conquer, & more.

Part Eight

This lesson outlines Dividing the Land, including multiple Inheritances, Why Border Descriptions are Given, Cities of Refuge, and more.

Part Nine

Ken wraps up this course teaching Levitical Cities, The Altar of Witness, Joshua's Famous Last Words, and more.


Ken Malmin