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"The Emptying of Christ" - Is Kenosis false doctrine?

For many years, a few popular sectors of Christianity have taught that Christ emptied himself of the power to perform miracles and relied entirely on the Holy Spirit to do so. This effectively places Christ in the same position as us, who have the same Holy Spirit to rely on. Therefore, we have access to the same power as Jesus did, and there is no reason why we should not be performing the same miracles.

At the heart of this teaching is the idea of Christ emptying himself, a doctrine known as the “kenosis," based on Paul’s statement in Phil. 2:7 that Christ “emptied himself.” As we will see, this has given rise to the charge that certain popular churches and preachers are teaching false doctrine, specifically that Christ laid his divinity aside. But is this accurate? Does this uncover other problems with this teaching? And when is it justifiable to label someone who gets aspects of doctrine wrong a false teacher? These are some of the questions we try to address in this course.


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Dr. David Campbell