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Leviticus? More like LEGITicus can’t QUIITTicus.

Landon Mac makes this book absolutely fascinating as he riverboat captains this wild Old Testament ride. Navigating ancient books like Leviticus can be a chore. This course is the opposite. More importantly, so much of our theology comes from Leviticus (Jesus’s favorite Mosaic book to quote from).

This will be time well spent.


Old Testament

Part One

Landon teaches how Leviticus is about proximity - how, as a sinner, to get cleansed and close to God.

Part Two

Lesson 2 covers Chapters 1-3, Burnt Offering - "Pleasing To the Lord"

Part Three

Lesson 3 dives into the question: What’s the difference between sin and guilt?

Part Four

Landon teaches through: Chapters 8-9 - Obedience and Blessing Chapter 10 - Disobedience and Cursing

Part Five

Lesson 5 covers Chapter 11 - Clean and Unclean Animals Chapters 12-13 - Clean and Unclean Childbearing and Diseases

Part Six

Landon takes us through Lesson 6 covering: Chapter 14 - Clean and Unclean Leprosy and Houses Chapter 15 - Clean and Unclean Bodily Fluids

Part Seven

Lesson 7 is all about CHAPTER 16 - The Day of Atonement

Part Eight

Lesson 8 is on HOLINESS. Chapter 17 - Holiness and Blood Chapter 18 - Holiness and Sex Chapter 19 - Holiness and Neighbors

Part Nine

In Lesson 9, Landon teaches Chapter 20 - Punishments for Unholiness Chapters 21-22 - Holiness and Priests

Part Ten

Lesson 10 covers Chapter 23 - Feasts! Chapters 24-25 Chapters 26-27 - Blessing for Obedience and Cursing for Disobedience and Vows


Landon MacDonald