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Mental Health & Ministry

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Pastor Troy Maxwell delivers a practical course on Mental Health & Ministry by helping us navigate and process them spiritually, mentally and physically.

You can go deeper on this topic with his book called "The Panic Room".

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Part One

Pastor Troy shares some staggering statistics about Mental Health issues and his personal journey through panic disorder and anxiety attacks

Part Two

Pastor Troy shares about the ‘volcano effect’ of ignoring the effects of Depression/Anxiety/Panic: IGNORING, ADDICTIONS, ISOLATION, & ANGER.

Part Three

Pastor Troy teaches on the relationship between who we are and mental health. We are a SPIRIT, we have a SOUL, and we live in a BODY.

Part Four

Through the story of Elijah we learn about processing breakdowns through the intense pressures of life.

Part Five

One of the biggest hurdles to mental illness is SHAME - Pastor Troy leads us to a better way by identifying the traps of shame.

Part Six

Pastor Troy teaches us how to get unstuck and move to the next step in the journey of mental health.


Troy Maxwell