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Minor Prophets

2 hrs
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Landon MacDonald delivers distilled theological summaries of some of scripture's most skipped over books; the Minor Prophets.


Old Testament

1. Minor Prophets

Landon MacDonald delivers an introductory lesson to this course on the Minor Prophets.

2. Hosea

Hosea - prophet and the prostitute // Israel and God’s mercy

3. Joel

Joel - prophet and the locusts // Israel and God’s judgment

4. Amos

Amos - the shepherd prophet // Israel and God’s rebuke

5. Obadiah

Obadiah - prophet and two mountains // Israel and God’s enemies

6. Jonah

Jonah - prophet and the whale // Israel and God’s grace

7. Micah

Micah - the naked prophet // Israel and God’s uniqueness

8. Nahum

Nahum - the judgment prophet // Israel and God’s anger

9. Habakkuk

Habakkuk - the psalmist prophet // Israel and God’s presence

10. Zephaniah

Zephaniah - the prophet who could have been king // Israel and God’s redemption

11. Haggai

Haggai - the construction prophet // Israel and God’s house

12. Zechariah

Zechariah - the vision prophet // Israel and God’s visions

13. Malachi

Malachi - the realist prophet // Israel’s complaining and God’s money


Landon MacDonald