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Narrative Hermeneutics

3.5 hrs
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The purpose of this class is to learn how to approach Scripture narratively. Students will learn to examine different elements of biblical storylines and show how they theologize. In doing narrative hermeneutics, students will be able to recognize what the text is communicating both explicitly and implicitly.


Theology Concepts

1. Narrative Hermeneutics

Class 1: This class introduces the students to critical approaches to the text including the narrative approach.

2. Narrative Hermeneutics

Class 2: This class explores narrative elements of the story including characters, setting, and the use of intertext

3. Narrative Hermeneutics

Class 3: This class explores narrative theology in the Gospels, particularly how the story theologizes.

4. Narrative Hermeneutics

Class 4: This class focuses on a more in depth look at characterization, including the way the narrator employs the various characters.

5. Narrative Hermeneutics

Class 5: This class continues to explore various forms of characterization

6. Narrative Hermeneutics

Class 6: This class continues to explore various forms of characterization, including groups of people and crowds.

7. Narrative Hermeneutics

Class 7: This class explores plot and pacing within the narrative


Chris Palmer