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Prayer is the single most productive use of our time.

Prayer does not take a lot of time to produce untold benefits.  

Satan will do anything he can do persuade you the above statements are untrue.

This course is a practical and encouraging introduction to the world of prayer.  

These headings are a helpful summary of what you’ll find in it:

  • The practicality of prayer
  • A survey of prayer in the Old Testament
  • A survey of prayer in the New Testament
  • The four kinds of prayer
  • Adoration
  • Confession
  • Thanksgiving
  • Supplication
  • Praying the promises
  • Biblical studies on prayer

The course aims to be Biblically grounded, theologically sound and practically helpful. Here’s a couple of tasters:

“Prayer is above all an expression of relationship with God, in which the person praying comes into an ever deeper submission to God’s will. Prayer takes us out of the realm of what we want into the realm of what God wants.”

“Busy Christians who want to become unproductive and inefficient in their personal lives or even business affairs will find that avoiding prayer is the best way to achieve that goal.”

“In John’s Gospel, Jesus referred to God as Father approximately one hundred times, and this theme is carried on all the way from Acts through all the Epistles to Revelation. In the Jewish literature of Jesus’ day, there were almost no references to God as Father. There is no evidence that anyone before Jesus addressed God as such.”  

“Where this attitude has come into the church, it has led us to adopt all kinds of techniques and gimmicks, the goal of which is to short-circuit the need to fill the bowl and sow the seed in faithfulness and obedience. What happens is that we run through failed technique after failed technique. The tragedy is that no one has been filling the bowls. And so the revival we all seek, far from being hastened, is more and more delayed.”

Welcome to the wonderful world of prayer!


Themes & Practices

Part One

David introduces us to the topic by illustrating the practicality of prayer and gives a brief survey of prayer in the Old and New Testament.

Part Two

Lesson 2 covers the 4 kinds of prayer, praying God's promises and the model of the Lord's Prayer

Part Three

Lesson 3 dives deeper in the Lord's Prayer, covering the first 3 petitions.

Part Four

Lesson 4 covers the last 3 petitions of the Lord's Prayer.

Part Five

Lesson 5 is all about the prayer that gets answered and David shares the one sentence guide to powerful prayer: John 14:13

Part Six

David continues teaching through John 14:13 on the guide to powerful prayer.

Part Seven

In Lesson 7, David teaches 3 common factors between John 14:13, Mark 11:24 and 1 John 5:14-15.

Part Eight

David teaches on assured answers from 1 John 5:14-15 and the prayer of persistence in Luke 18:1-8

Part Nine

Lesson 9 is about The prayer of shamelessness in Luke 11:5-13 and the prayer of breakthrough in Matthew 15:21-28

Part Ten

David wraps up this course with the prayer that brings revival in Revelation 5:8


Dr. David Campbell