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Prophetic Women

1.5 Hrs
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In this course Layla dives into the prophetic women of the Bible following the narrative to discover how God uses women to deliver his word.

Layla’s look at this subject is narrative in that it gives attention the how this theme unfolds in the story. It is also practical, in that Layla draws applications and principles for us to consider today.



1. Prophetic Women - Introduction

Lesson 1: Layla introduces the subject of prophetic women by discussing the terms ‘prophet’, ‘prophetess’, ‘female prophet’, and ‘prophetic’.

2. Prophetic Women - Biblical Prophetesses

Lesson 2: Layla looks at women in the Bible who were referred to as prophetesses to determine who they are, what their story is, what their message is, and how they functioned in the prophetic. She begins with Miriam and ends with Philips’s daughters.

3. Prophetic Women - The Prophetic Calling

Lesson 3: Layla offers final, practical thoughts about women who have a prophetic call upon their life.


Layla Nahavandi