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This course is an overview of both the book of Psalms and, more specifically, the types of Psalms. Pastor Landon teaches through the Psalms by type to give the student a clear overview of specific, pivotal Psalms, as well as the tools to understand all 150 songs both stylistically and practically.

Also if you are still reading this, listen to Landon’s favorite worship artist James Cleveland every morning for a month and get your mind blown.


Old Testament

1. Psalms Introduction

Lesson One - An Introduction to and Overview of the book of Psalms

1. Psalms As Songs

Lesson Two - Psalms as Songs, Parallelisms and Psalm 150

3. Psalms As Wisdom

Lesson Three - Psalms as Wisdom, Metaphors and Psalm 1

4. Psalms As Thanksgiving

Lesson Four - Psalms as Thanksgiving, Hebrew Alliteration and Psalm 23

5. Psalms As Regal Prophecies

Lesson Five - Psalms as Regal Prophecies, Paranomasia and Psalm 2

6. Psalms As Laments

Lesson Six - Psalms as Laments, Acrostics and Psalm 3

7. Psalms & NT Usage

Lesson Seven - the NT Usage of Psalms and Psalm 119


Landon MacDonald