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Purity Class Curriculum

Scripture and Holy Tradition

Scripture presents a roadmap for how to live—the Word presents a strategic plan for minimizing the negative effects and consequences of sin. The Word encourages spiritual growth and empowers one to move toward blessing.

The precepts of God are unchanging—the lessons and truths in the Bible can disarm the enemy of his main weapon—deception. Knowing the Word helps kids, youth, and parents know how to keep their hearts, minds, and bodies pure.

An ongoing brutal war is taking place in the spiritual realm. Too often, Children and Christian teens succumb to temptation and peer pressure regarding sex, purity, and sexual immorality. Sunday School lessons that deal with biblical purity and a carefully developed purity curriculum are needed to safeguard youth from the enemy who roams about like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:6).

Scripture directs ministry leaders and parents to share truths and age-appropriate lessons to expose youth to God's truth. What follows are various teaching topics the orthodox Christian curriculum should address.


Biblical studies should focus on sin and profile the consequences of transgressing God's Law. Many churches focus on grace, heaven, and mercy—all worthy topics, but good teaching is balanced teaching. Orthodox Christian faith leaders, the mature in Christ, parents, teachers, etc., must warn and exhort all—even children—about the ramifications and consequences of sin.

Heaven and Hell

God directs ministry leaders and parents to share the whole counsel of God with their congregants and children. Yes, there is a heaven, but there is also a hell—there is a Savior, but there is also an arch-enemy called Satan. The wise have a strategic plan to communicate the importance of these spiritual truths. 

When to Begin Teaching Young Children About Sexual Purity

It is never too early to begin teaching young children spiritual precepts. God's children are precious, pure, and vulnerable to attack. Quality teaching materials on various topics related to purity help teens be equipped to overcome this.

Purity curriculum can be introduced in Sunday School, in discussions and lessons on sex and one's witness, in small group Bible studies, and in a retreat setting.

The enemy bombards youth with false information. Other students, the media, and even friends can offer suggestions and advice contrary to God's Word. Technology can be a blessing, but the enemy has commandeered it to attack those not on guard. The enemy seeks to confuse and blur the lines between lust and love. Adults must help young people know how and why to keep their bodies pure.

What to Expect From a Purity Class Curriculum 

Teachings on purity for Christians focus on abstinence before marriage. Because this message is not well taught in public schools and is soundly rejected by the media, it is important to present teens with carefully developed teaching material, specifically tailored lessons designed to convey the truth of the Gospel in ways that are clear and relevant.

Purity curriculum addresses the practical issues associated with sexual purity—including temptation and technology, peer pressure, and the importance of a good friend. Purity curriculum identifies typical challenges a child will face as that child grows up in today's world and presents simple ways to guard against temptation. The age-appropriate lessons continue advancing morality-related life teachings students previously heard from parents and spiritual leaders.

Curriculum developers believe that students benefit from having important and challenging spiritual truths reinforced. Accordingly, it is recommended that youth be exposed to proper and helpful teaching many times as they move through the often difficult teen years.

Purity Class Curriculum Example

Purity class curriculum is a biblical studies program that helps youth live a life that is truly honoring to the Lord. The materials reinforce previous lessons on living for the Lord and maintaining a proper witness and will help young people grow spiritual as they learn about and reaffirm the following:

Lesson 1: Biblical Sexuality – Sexuality is a gift of God, designed to reflect and enhance oneness within a marriage relationship.

Lesson 2: Sexual Purity-Get up – Sexual impurity (sin) begins in the mind and the heart. Our thoughts regarding sexuality have a great bearing on our actions.

Lesson 3: Sexual Purity-Stay up – The "cycle of temptation" notes Satan's multi-prong approach in attacking the mind, laying snares, and presenting temptations. This section helps position one to overcome via an awareness of the importance of a vibrant relationship with God and the enemy's tactics.

Lesson 4: Sexual Purity-Move up – We are better positioned to overcome temptation when we replace negative thoughts with thoughts that are God-honoring when we replace negative actions with positive acts of service, and when we remain mindful that all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5) and give an account for how we lived our lives.


Hot Topics

Part One

Landon introduces this course by identifying some of the main ways that the Purity Culture movement has missed the point of biblical purity.

Part Two

In this lesson, Landon teaches that Sexual sin without repentance will damage or destroy your faith.

Part Three

Landon teaches that Repentance restores your relationship with God; as illustrated through the life of David.

Part Four

In this lesson Landon instructs us that Temptation to sexual sin can be defeated through the power of the holy Spirit, belief and obedience.

Part Five

Obedience and Sexual Boundaries out of love is a wonderful thing.

Part Six

Lesson 6 is a guide to teaching on sexuality.

Part Seven

Landon wraps up this course with A Biblical Sexual Rubric


Landon MacDonald