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Purity Culture

2.5 hrs
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Purity Culture is taking a lot of L’s but so are Christians who have given into moral relativism while attempting to keep their spiritual or religious moniker. This course is a straight shot down the middle - what does the Bible teach about sexuality?

Landon delivers a myth-busting course on what the Bible really has to say about PURITY. He defines "Purity Culture" as a movement in the evangelical Christian church from the 90’s that viewed:

  • virginity as the pinnacle of human sexuality
  • prevention as a more significant tool than redemption
  • shame rather than freedom as a means.

After this course you will understand that the main Biblical message on sexuality is redemption, not prevention.


Hot Topics

Part One

Landon introduces this course by identifying some of the main ways that the Purity Culture movement has missed the point of biblical purity.

Part Two

In this lesson, Landon teaches that Sexual sin without repentance will damage or destroy your faith.

Part Three

Landon teaches that Repentance restores your relationship with God; as illustrated through the life of David.

Part Four

In this lesson Landon instructs us that Temptation to sexual sin can be defeated through the power of the holy Spirit, belief and obedience.

Part Five

Obedience and Sexual Boundaries out of love is a wonderful thing.

Part Six

Lesson 6 is a guide to teaching on sexuality.

Part Seven

Landon wraps up this course with A Biblical Sexual Rubric


Landon MacDonald