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Feminism. Has it been the same throughout the years? Did it always look the way it does today? Dr. Christiana Crenshaw looks at the four waves of feminism to kick off a new series of teachings TheosU will be offering on the subject.


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1. Revival - Combustible Material

As we look at the inauguration of the church as described in Acts 2, we find that as it was birthed it moved immediately into its mission and began to spread like fire. In the initial birth of the church there was no plan of action, scheme or program in order to begin to reach people. God had a plan but It looked more like a spontaneous combustion than a well-orchestrated event or campaign.

2. Revival - Prayer

The dynamics of prayer are such that as we grow in it we learn to shift gears and gain more momentum. Deeper levels and commitments to prayer are often associated with revival in history. In this lesson, John has us consider two things that the apostle Paul wrote to the churches about prayer.


John Finochio