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Nathan and Gabriel Finochio address the hardest hitting questions about Suicide; Is it a sin and do you go to hell for committing it?


Hot Topics

1. Suicide - Gabriel's Position

Gabe presents his position on the Hot Topic of Suicide by discussing the morality of suicide, how it affects popular culture as well as its history. He addresses 4 common reactions to the rising problem of suicide, goes through examples of it in the Bible while addressing some difficult questions like:

  • How does God's judgement work?
  • What is God's criterion for judgement?
  • Does God's word condemn suicide?
  • Should we excuse the act of suicide as a sin?

2. Suicide - Nathan's Position

In this lesson Nathan introduces his position on suicide and asks three important questions to begin the discussion. He frames in Protestant and Catholic views as well as a commonly mis-contextualized verse. Nathan summarizes and concludes his position by addressing some difficult questions:

  • Is murder a sin?
  • Is suicide murder?
  • Are there exceptions to the root causes of suicide?
  • How do you define the “loss of one’s spiritual life”?
  • Goes God send people who commit suicide to hell?


Gabriel Finochio