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Synoptic Gospels

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A survey of the canonical New Testament Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: The Setting

Part Three: The Synoptics

Part Four: Reliability of the Authors

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Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels

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New Testament

Part One

This lesson answers questions like "Why were the Gospels Written?", "Who was the audience?", "Why only Four Gospels", and more.

Part Two

Origins: How the Synoptics came to be, Are they dependent on one another? If so, which was written first and which depended on the others?

Part Three

Synoptics as a Story The Storyteller, Narrative World, The Receiver, Progress of Plot and Narrative, Rhetoric, Assessment, and more.

Part Four

Lesson Four: Historical Setting of the Synoptics The Persian Period (539-334BC), THE LXX, all the way to Jewish Revolt of AD 66-73

Part Five

Lesson Five: The Religious Setting: Second Temple Judaism Core Jewish Beliefs, Temple, Priesthood, and Sacrifices, and lots more.

Part Six

Lesson Six: Intro to Mark Characteristics, The Plot of Mark, The Suffering of the Son of God as Servant, Mark’s Portrait of Jesus and more.

Part Seven

Lesson Seven: Markan Features Other characters, Theological themes, Narrative Purpose, Reading Mark Today and more.

Part Eight

Lesson Eight: Intro to Matthew Central Themes, Literary Features, The Plot of Matthew, Appearance of Messiah, Ministry to Israel and more.

Part Nine

Lesson Nine: Gospel of Luke Central Theme, The Plot, Birth of the Savior, Galilean Ministry, Lukes Portrait: and more.

Part Ten

Historical Reliability The Role Of Presuppositions In Historical Research, The Burden of Proof, Contradictions Between The Gospels and more.


Nathan Finochio