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Systematic Theology

6 hrs
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Systematic Theology is a topical presentation of the core doctrines of the Christian Faith. It works through the clear teachings of Scripture on given subjects and seeks to summarize these teachings in succinct ways.

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Theology Concepts

Part One

FAITH FOUNDATIONS: SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY How Doctrine Is Made, Who is a Theologian? What Is Doctrine? What Is Truth? and more...

Part Two

Bibliology (The Doctrine of Scripture) What Does Bibliology Deal With? Sub-categories, Contemporary Issues & more

Part Three

Theology (The Doctrine of God) What Does Theology Deal With, Areas Covered, Contemporary Issues, Theories About God and more.

Part Four

COMMUNICABLE ATTRIBUTES Knowledge (Omniscience), Wisdom, Truthfulness, Goodness, Love and more...

Part Five

COMMUNICABLE ATTRIBUTES Freedom, Omnipotence, Perfect, Blessed, Beauty and more.

Part Six

The Trinity, God's Sovereignty, Calvinism TULIP, and Wesleyanism BACON

Part Seven

Christology (The Doctrine of Christ) Defining Christology, Contemporary Issues, Jesus’s Humanity and more

Part Eight

Christology (The Doctrine of Christ) Christ’s Deity, Views of Christ’s Nature, Six Modern Christologies and more


Nathan Finochio