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The Church & Western Civilization

2 hrs
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This Hot Topic examines the question: "Did the Church build Western Civilization?" We investigate reasons in the affirmative, negative, and consider questions that are just interesting. Our instructor, Josh Biedel, takes the viewer through a fairly thorough analysis of this topic, which undoubtedly possesses ramifications of great magnitude depending on how the overarching question can be answered.


Hot Topics

1. The Church & Western Civilization - Introduction

Part 1 -Introduction
Josh introduces the Hot Topic and the question for the ANI Chart (Affirmative, Negative, Interesting): “Did the Church build Western Civilization?”

2. The Church & Western Civilization - Negative Side

Part 2 - Negative side

We go through 9 reasons answering in the negative that no, the Church did not build Western Civilization.

3. The Church & Western Civilization - Affirmative Side

Part 3 - Affirmative side 

We consider 11 reasons answering in the affirmative that yes, the Church did build Western Civilization.

4. The Church & Western Civilization - Interesting Section & Josh’s stance

Part 4 - Interesting section & Josh’s stance

We visit 6 interesting questions relating to this Hot Topic; Josh always provides his personal stance on this question.

5. The Church & Western Civilization - Debunking Negatives

Part 5 - Debunking Negatives & Why the Negative side at all?

Josh circles back and debunks and addresses the 9 negative reasons; he also examines why some people may believe in the negative position.

6. The Church & Western Civilization - Call To Action

Part 6 - Call to Action

Lastly, Josh delivers a call to action for the Church to fulfill the Great Commission and to secondarily help save and rebuild Western Civilization.


Josh Biedel