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Monthly Town Halls - Exclusive to TheosU Clubhouse members


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1. Town Hall - Critical Theory Part 1

White Theology & Critical Theory with Nathan & Gabriel Finochio

2. Town Hall - Critical Theory Part 2

Critical Theory Teaching + Group Q&A with Gabriel and Nathan Finochio

3. Town Hall - Alcohol

To Drink or Not To Drink - That Is The Question with Nathan Finochio

4. Town Hall - Politics

Christianity & Politics Town Hall with Special Guest Jacob Wolf

5. Town Hall - The End Of The World

All Things Eschatology with special guest David Campbell.

6. Town Hall - Spiritual Gifts

Town Hall on Spiritual Gifts with special guest John Finochio

7. Town Hall - Demons & Spiritual Warfare

Special Guest Chris Palmer, Nathan Finochio and Gabriel Finochio discuss the spirit realm.

Guest appearances from Landon Macdonald & David Campbell

8. Town Hall - Nationalism

Exploring competing world-views, embattled ideologies and the intellectual honesty behind the Anti-Nationalist conversation live with special guest Dr. Jacob Wolf.

9. Town Hall - TheosConference RECAP

Gabriel and Nathan chat about conference highlights, disagreements and more in the March Town Hall.

10. Town Hall - How To Leave A Church

How To Leave A Church TOWN HALL with Nathan Finochio and special guests David Campbell and John Finochio.

11. Town Hall - Christianity & Israel

How Should Christians Think About Israel Today?

Amidst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we examine various perspectives on Israel with Nathan Finochio, David Campbell & Chris Palmer in this month's TOWN HALL.


No Diving - David Campbell

Mystery Explained - David Campbell

Letters From Jesus - Chris Palmer

12. Town Hall - Women in Ministry

Layla Nahavandi, Chris Palmer and the brothers Finochio discuss & debate around the subject of Women in Ministry.

13. Town Hall - Deconstruction

Gabriel Finochio & Dr. Peter Kreeft talk about Deconstruction, answering questions from the TheosU Clubhouse community.

14. Town Hall - COVID-19 & The Church

A fun filled faculty debate on all things COVID-19, Vaccines, Government, Church and more.

15. Town Hall - Tithing

David Campbell, John Finochio and Nathan Finochio work through common questions surrounding the Old & New Testament principle of TITHING.

16. Town Hall - Russia & Ukraine

Nathan, Gabriel, Chris & David discuss the current events in Russia and Ukraine, addressing the Church's response, common misconceptions about biblical prophecy and more.

17. Town Hall - Healing

Physical Healing, Miracles, Inner Healing, Therapy and more with Nathan & Gabriel Finochio, Chris Palmer & David Campbell.

18. Town Hall - Does God Have A Wife?

Though a seemingly unusual question, lately this curiosity has made its way around TikTok.

Chris, Elijah, and David answer the questions by analyzing the seminal work of the question’s main archaeological proponent, William Dever.

19. Town Hall - Why Leaders Fail

Nathan, Chris, Josh & Layla discuss Why leaders fail, Christian counselling, What to do when your leaders fail & When can failed leaders be restored.

20. Town Hall - Church Hurt

Nathan, PJ, and Chris discuss being part of a local congregation and experiencing disappointment and let down while witnessing the failure of leaders. How do we respond? What does Scripture instruct us to do?

21. Town Hall - Suicide

Nathan, Gabriel, and Chris discuss the topic of suicide. Is it a sin? Does an individual who takes their own life go to Hell? What about cases of insanity and mental illness? And what defines insanity and mental illness? All this and more in this month's Town Hall.

22. Town Hall - Halloween

Nathan, Gabriel, and Chris discuss participating in Halloween. What are the Historic origins? What about the occult? How should pastors approach this topic? See where the gang agrees … and disagrees.

23. Town Hall - Deliverance

David Campbell, John Finochio, Chris Palmer & Nathan Finochio discuss abuses and proper uses of deliverance.

24. Town Hall - Marijuana

Marijuana: to smoke or not to smoke? Nathan, Gabriel, and Chris talk about pot. Can Christians use weed recreationally? What about medically, as a pain killer? Find out what they think in this town hall.

25. Town Hall - Fasting

Everyone’s favorite thing: fasting! Is fasting an option? Or must we fast? And what’s with everyone fasting in January? And how about fasting during Lent? Nathan, John, David, and Chris get into in this Town Hall.

26. Town Hall - Revival

Revival is in the land! Or is it? What is revival? Is it the same as an outpouring? Or an awakening? Or a movement?

Join Gabriel, Chris, and Sincere for this month's Town Hall. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be revived…or maybe you’ll be awakened?…or maybe poured out on? You’ll just have to watch and find out.