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Monthly Town Halls - Exclusive to TheosU Clubhouse members


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1. Town Hall - Critical Theory Part 1

White Theology & Critical Theory with Nathan & Gabriel Finochio

2. Town Hall - Critical Theory Part 2

Critical Theory Teaching + Group Q&A with Gabriel and Nathan Finochio

3. Town Hall - Alcohol

To Drink or Not To Drink - That Is The Question with Nathan Finochio

4. Town Hall - Politics

Christianity & Politics Town Hall with Special Guest Jacob Wolf

5. Town Hall - The End Of The World

All Things Eschatology with special guest David Campbell.

6. Town Hall - Spiritual Gifts

Town Hall on Spiritual Gifts with special guest John Finochio

7. Town Hall - Demons & Spiritual Warfare

Special Guest Chris Palmer, Nathan Finochio and Gabriel Finochio discuss the spirit realm.

Guest appearances from Landon Macdonald & David Campbell

8. Town Hall - Nationalism

Exploring competing world-views, embattled ideologies and the intellectual honesty behind the Anti-Nationalist conversation live with special guest Dr. Jacob Wolf.

9. Town Hall - TheosConference RECAP

Gabriel and Nathan chat about conference highlights, disagreements and more in the March Town Hall.

10. Town Hall - How To Leave A Church

How To Leave A Church TOWN HALL with Nathan Finochio and special guests David Campbell and John Finochio.

11. Town Hall - Christianity & Israel

How Should Christians Think About Israel Today?

Amidst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we examine various perspectives on Israel with Nathan Finochio, David Campbell & Chris Palmer in this month's TOWN HALL.


No Diving - David Campbell

Mystery Explained - David Campbell

Letters From Jesus - Chris Palmer

12. Town Hall - Women in Ministry

Layla Nahavandi, Chris Palmer and the brothers Finochio discuss & debate around the subject of Women in Ministry.

13. Town Hall - Deconstruction

Gabriel Finochio & Dr. Peter Kreeft talk about Deconstruction, answering questions from the TheosU Clubhouse community.

14. Town Hall - COVID-19 & The Church

A fun filled faculty debate on all things COVID-19, Vaccines, Government, Church and more.

15. Town Hall - Tithing

David Campbell, John Finochio and Nathan Finochio work through common questions surrounding the Old & New Testament principle of TITHING.

16. Town Hall - Russia & Ukraine

Nathan, Gabriel, Chris & David discuss the current events in Russia and Ukraine, addressing the Church's response, common misconceptions about biblical prophecy and more.

17. Town Hall - Healing

Physical Healing, Miracles, Inner Healing, Therapy and more with Nathan & Gabriel Finochio, Chris Palmer & David Campbell.