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Western Civilization I

4 hrs
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This course offers a distilled overview of the most noteworthy influences and events throughout the history of Western Civilization, delivered by the master: Joshua Biedel.



Part One

In this first lesson, we delve into definitions, first & guiding principles, the purpose of the course, and a brief overview of what will be

Part Two

In this second lesson, we will cover the values/morals of the Greeks, mythology, democracy, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, drama, and mathematics.

Part Three

In this third lesson, we explore the Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian Wars, Alexander the Great, Hellenization, and final takeaways of Greece

Part Four

In this lesson, we investigate the values/morals of the Roman, the beginnings of Rome, the Roman Republic, & the Punic Wars (and Hannibal!!)

Part Five

In this fifth lesson, we explore the crazy Roman Civil Wars, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Virgil and The Aeneid.

Part Six

The beginnings of Christianity with Jesus and Paul, Augustus Caesar, the Roman Empire, Constantine, Augustine, the fall of Rome, and more.

Part Seven

The Heirs of Rome, the Byzantines, the barbarian tribes, the Great Schism and East – West church split, and more...

Part Eight: Works Cited

Works Cited for Western Civilization I


Josh Biedel