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Wisdom Literature

2.5 hrs
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Join as Landon breaks down The Biblical books of Wisdom, answering 5 of the BIGGEST and most asked questions in the history of the world.

Job - Suffering  - Why do bad things happen?

Psalms - Worship - How do I engage with God?

Proverbs - Wisdom - How do I live?

Ecclesiastes - Existence - What does all this mean?

Song of Solomon - Sexuality - And how does this fit in?


Old Testament

1. Wisdom Literature - Job

Landon examines a major theme of the book of Job: What comes from God, from man, & from the enemy?  He endeavors to answer the ultimate question of the book: Why do bad things happen? Although we don’t get to know, we get to know God.

2. Wisdom Literature - Psalms

Landon teaches on Psalms as God’s handbook for the human heart while expanding on the major worship theme of the book, and answering the ultimate question: HOW DO I ENGAGE WITH GOD?

3. Wisdom Literature - Proverbs

Join as Landon teaches on a generational book of wisdom, answering the ultimate question of How do I live? He teaches on the Poetic Devices Used in Proverbs, breaking them into three parts:

Part 1 - Chapters 1-9 - The difference between Wisdom and Folly

Part 2 - Chapters 10-29 - Anthology of Proverbs

Part 3 - Chapters 30-31 - Climax and Payoff

4. Wisdom Literature - Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon

Landon teaches on Ecclesiastes - a painful, dark book trying to climb life’s highest peaks and survive life’s lowest valleys where we learn about PURPOSE as the main theme. He then moves into God’s love song; the Song of Solomon - showing desire, pursuit, & marital love & drawing comparisons to how this fits into the scheme of God’s relationship to His people.


Landon MacDonald