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Woke Theology

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In this hot topic, Gabriel talks about the emergence of Woke Theology in the Church today. Where did it come from? And is it Biblical? These questions and more will be answered in a Gospel centered way as he takes particular aim at the hermeneutical crisis of Liberation Theology.

“All theology of the liberal type involves at some point - and often involves throughout - the claim that the real behavior and purpose and teaching of Christ came very rapidly to be misunderstood and misrepresented by his followers, and has been recovered or exhumed only by modern scholars.” —C.S. Lewis, Fern Seeds and Elephants


Hot Topics

Part One

Gabe teaches how Woke Theology awakened: Christian Infiltration, Philosophical Crisis & Poverty in non European & North American countries.

Part Two

This lesson covers The New Hermeneutic. Gabriel shares Reinterpretations from these Interpreters: People, Community, Experience, & History

Part Three

Scripture and Liberation Two senses: Literal (exegesis), Spiritual (allegorical-Gospel, moral, anagogical-eternal significance)

Part Four

JESUS AND LIBERATION Gabriel teaches how Liberation Theology = Political Liberation whereas Christian Theology = Spiritual Liberation

Part Five

PAUL AND LIBERATION Gabriel contrasts Nature And Grace with a teaching from Romans 6:12-23

Part Six

JAMES AND JUSTICE Gabriel teaches through questions like "Doesn’t God love the poor?", and "What about Justice?"


Gabriel Finochio