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Worship I: Foundations

2.5 hrs
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One of the sad things about worship is the way believers argue over forms of worship without really understanding what worship is. If we understood worship more deeply, we would argue about it much less. We can come before God with all sorts of religious motions, but unless we are doing more than singing songs or saying prayers, our worship is meaningless. The heart of worship, when worship is properly understood, is the willingness to offer up our lives as a sacrifice to God.

Worship is a gift from God, which takes us into the very presence of God and transforms us, and we must enter into it to his glory. What a tragedy if this gift of worship were set aside, wasted or lost! Throughout the Bible, worship is connected with the presence of God. And where God is present, he communicates with us. Our response to God’s presence and his communication to us is worship.

The Bible is the story of the loss and restoration of worship. Why is it that the first two chapters of the Bible present a picture of a garden-temple, and the last two chapters present the restoration of that garden-temple? God’s purpose has always been to restore worship to what it had been in the Garden. In this course we take a tour of the Bible to see how God did this.


Themes & Practices
Theology Concepts

Part One

The foundation of all worship, the Garden, the patriarchs, the tabernacle of Moses, Spiritual decline & the loss of God’s presence, & more

Part Two

The Psalms: worship in the tabernacle of David, the different types of scriptural Praise, the temples of Solomon, Zerubbabel, and Herod.

Part Three

The temple of Jesus, the release of the manifest presence of God, the priesthood of all believers & the temple of the Lord God Almighty


Dr. David Campbell