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Worship II: Theology

6.5 hrs
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In Worship II, Nathan works canonically through Old Testamant worship, which is the backdrop for New Testament worship. Then we see what the NT writers have to say about worship through their OT usage.

This is one of the more theologically formative courses we've done because it deals with how we should think about and use the Old Testamant - this course is a total framework adjustment.

We recommend this for anyone involved in worship to any degree as well as pastors and church leaders.


Themes & Practices
Theology Concepts

Part One

Nathan introduces this course by defining true worship with contributions from both the Old & New Testaments.

Part Two

This lesson is all about Worship as Physical Gesture, Worship as Cultic Ritual, with an exhaustive take on what true worship must be.

Part Three

The Dimensions of Devotion, The Dimensions of Biblical Worship, & The Evolution of Religious Systems of Belief and Worship

Part Four

God’s Name; Contrasting Biblical Images of God as Popularly Perceived, The Image of God as Presented in Exodus, YHWH worthy of praise.

Part Five

The Objects of Christian Worship

Part Six

The Subject of Worship Who does God invite into His presence? Whose worship will God accept?

Part Seven

True Worship In the New Testament, The Early Church’s Teaching On Acceptable Worship, & Applications for Today

Part Eight

Music And Worship In The Bible, The Sound of Second Temple Worship, Music and Songs in the New Testament & In The Modern Church & More.

Part Nine

Sacrifice and Offerings as Worship, Biblical Evidence for Sacrifice, The Mosaic Tabernacle & Tithes in the OT & NT

Part Ten

How To Survive A Worship Service


Nathan Finochio