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Where's The Faith?

Nate jive-talks his way through various theological and philosophical convergence points, featuring various guests.


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1. Pilot

In this pilot episode Nathan talks through a variety of topics:

  • Denominations
  • C.S. Lewis
  • COVID-19
  • Kanye West
  • "Racist Churches"
  • and more!

2. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

Gabriel Finochio joins his brother Nathan in this second instalment of WTF Podcast.

The Brothers Finochio talk through

  • Gnosticism
  • The tension between Faith & Reason
  • Halloween
  • Redeeming, Reinterpreting and Baptizing Traditions and Holidays
  • Demonic Obsession
  • Dead Nephilim and more!

3. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

Nathan and Gabriel Finochio discuss some more controversial and popular concepts.


The Scientific Method and ways of Knowing
Secular humanism rooted in the idolatry of self

Crisis of Authority

The locus of interpretation improperly placed on self
“Psychology is so hot because the self is so hot” - Nathan

Palio Evangelicalism

Affirming and confessing an old historic faith
Coming to evangelicalism without a bigoted lens through the proper consideration of history and reason
Pastoring and the responsibility to teach people to read, learn, & know what is happening in society

4. WTF Podcast with Landon McDonald

Where's The Faith Episode 4 with the brilliant and hilarious Landon Macdonald. Nathan and Landon chat about thoughts & questions like:

Calling out religiosity for what it is.
What does the Bible think about itself?
Can Christians listen to secular music?
Defining the “weaker brother”

Baptist churches vs Charismatic churches

Pentecostal holiness
“Freedom in Christ” and common music listening patterns
Total depravity and the surrounding fault lines
The timeline of repentance
“upgraded nature” vs “new nature”
“The power of sin is defeated when you become Christ’s, but the presence of sin is not defeated until you get to heaven” Landon M

The Artistic Command of Scripture

The Conscience, Your relationship with the Holy Spirit, and the Art of Influence

5. WTF Podcast with Landon McDonald

Three questions for Landon MacDonald:

1. What do you think about cussing?

  • Being honest and articulate with the Lord
  • “Grace to the hearers”
  • Context is everything
  • Spurgeon and Wesley

2. How do you read the bible properly?

  • Reading “immediately” vs contextually
  • The difference between people’s conscience and the Holy Spirit
  • Approaching bible reading with a grocery list for God

3. What is leadership culture like in different church denominations and groups?

  • Christians trying to do the work of the Holy Spirit
  • Differences between Baptist and Charismatic church cultures
  • “Honor” in church

6. WTF Podcast Solo Episode

Leadership Secret Squirrels

Nathan talks about past experiences with church:

Volunteer lifestyle
People who feel overlooked
Honor culture: the good the bad the ugly

7. WTF Podcast with John Adams

In this episode of Where's The Faith, Nathan Finochio and John Adams take a magic carpet ride through various parts of history;

Church History - the history of the spread of Jesus' influence
"Bludgeons" people use to taint church history
Misinformation on the early church period
The crusades
Catholic's vs Protestant's historical view of slavery
The role of bishops in the early church

8. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

Nathan grills Gabe over what it means to be historically orthodox.

9. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

In this episode of Where's The Faith, Nathan and Gabriel joust through lots of fun topics.

-Socialism, capitalism, distributism and Belloc’s view of the 3

-Waiters are the mafia of the food industry

-Gabriel is Prime Minister of England, how does he introduce distributism?

-Classical musicians names don’t sound how they are spelled

-Distributism literature

10. WTF Podcast with Chris Palmer

Nathan & Chris Palmer discuss poor exegetical methods they've encountered through the years as well as how to properly approach the text in this episode of Where's The Faith?

11. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

Gabriel and Nathan discuss Why Church History Matters, The Catholic Faith and Why Gabe Isn’t Catholic, & The Anglican Church.

12. WTF Podcast with Josh Biedel

Nathan & Josh share some laughs and good times talking through Authors, Books, History, Chesterton and more!

13. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

Nathan & Gabriel Finochio drive a coach and horses through Deconstruction.

14. WTF Podcast with Josh Biedel

Nathan chats with our resident history guru Josh Biedel about his upcoming course on TheosU, Rome vs America, Multiculturalism, Subjective truth, Marriage relationships and more.

"A good marriage is a ceasefire a great marriage is a treaty."

15. WTF Podcast with Gia Chacón

We sit down with Gia Chacón, the founder of March For The Martyrs and learn all about this incredible organization and some upcoming events.

You can learn more about MFTM here or Register for the upcoming March on September 25th, 2021.

16. WTF Podcast with John Adams

This episode of Where's the Faith with John Adams & Nathan Finochio is all about CS Lewis’s theology, his fascination of the occult, his relationship with Tolkien and his fantasy novels.

17. WTF Podcast with Chris Palmer

Nathan and Chris have a humorous and insightful conversation about semantic range and treating biblical languages with precision in preaching.

18. WTF Podcast with Chris Palmer

Nathan and Chris have a conversation about the "prosperity gospel" & faith, and offer a critique on popular Word of Faith literature.

19. WTF Podcast with Salmafina Khairunnisa

Nathan Finochio and Gia Chacon talk to Indonesian influencer Salmafina Sunan, about her conversion to Christ and new life as a Christian.

20. WTF Podcast with Salmafina Khairunnisa

Are memes a fruitful way of learning? Nathan and Chris talk to the OG of the meme game, @memesforJesus, about learning theology through meme culture.

21. WTF Podcast with Landon Macdonald

Nathan, Landon & Everett have a blast discussing Gabriel’s antics, differences in Baptist, Catholic & Charismatic backgrounds, strange behavior from christians during prayer times, Landon’s upcoming course on Wisdom Lit, and lots more.

22. WTF Podcast with Taylor Ransom

Nate and Chris talk to @realtaylorransom about growing up Pentecostal.

23. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

Women in Ministry, Leadership Epistles, Paul's Pastoral advice through his books in the New Testament, Gabriel & Nathan's differing perspectives and lots more.

24. WTF Podcast with Jon Norman

Nathan & Jon Norman discuss planting a church in Norwich, education, church culture, & the church in Covid.

25. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio

Gabriel and Nathan discuss their views on Deconstruction.

26. WTF Podcast with Dr. Thomas West

Nathan talks with Dr. Thomas West about Ordo Salutis, Systematic Theology & Integrative Theology.

27. WTF Podcast with David Bennett

In this episode, Nathan chats with David Bennett about his testimony, How should Christians think about pride month, & Side B Christianity

28. WTF Podcast with Gabriel Finochio & Josh Biedel

Gabriel and Josh discuss Bible college days, Education, Being single, and more.

29. WTF Podcast with Jude Fouquier

Nathan asks Pastor Jude (who Nate affectionately calls THE BEST YOUTH PASTOR IN THE UNIVERSE) about Faith Theology and Eldership

30. WTF Podcast with Matt McCloghry

Nathan sits down with Pastor Matt McCloghry of Colonial Church and they discuss Building Church, The McCloghry’s beginnings, How Matt and Jill lead & Building a church that serves the community.

31. WTF Podcast with Stephen Wesley

Nathan & Stephen chat about Honoring ethnicity, Reaching people of all groups, Culture in church & Walking out reconciliation.

If you enjoyed this conversation you will love Stephen’s book coming soon on God’s answers to the issues of racism, prejudice, ignorance and much more.

32. WTF Podcast with Bob MacGregor

Nathan sits down with Bob MacGregor who is the founder of City Harvest Church, Vice Chairman of MFI, and an incredible Pastor & Church Planter. They talk about Spiritual covering and accountability, Creating elders, and Power dynamics in eldership.


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